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The Northern Governors



TNG Won The 3rd Prize (100 000 HK dolllars) In Macau, China!


The Northern Governors won the 3rd prize at the international band competition in Macau, China! TNG was selected among 183 bands that applied for the competition.
The 12 finalists represented an impressive pool of international talent from Hong Kong, Taiwan,Brazil, India, Portugal, France, the Philippines, Mozambique, the U.S.,Finland and Hungary.Highly skilled musicians from around the world sent in more than 180 applications to the competition’s selection committee; the diversity and quality of the applicants made the decision to choose 12 finalists a tough one – setting the stage for an

Northern Governors Goes To China, Macao: Band Competition With a Cash Prize of 550,000HKD!




TNG was selected to Cotai Jazz & Blues Festival on october!

The Cotai Jazz & Blues Festival is a celebration of live international music, non-stop entertainment, beads throwing and delicious food and beverage. With a 12-band competition for a cash prize of 550,000HKD, as a festival backdrop, visitors and locals alike will have a chance to enjoy a weekend of non-stop music and entertainment suitable for all ages. There will be food, beverage stands and children’s area. Catch all the excitement in a fun street party atmosphere!

Venue: The Venetian Macao Lagoon
Time: 09-12 October 2014 (fr

TNG releasing a single from their coming album at the April Jazz Festival!



TNG is performing at the April Jazz Festival on 25th of april. We´re gonna release our first single that night so you are warmly welcome to join the party! Our second album is getting ready for the public which means that we´ll put some songs to our sound cloud page where you can here them. But first we need to finish which we´ve started almost 2 years ago. We are very excited and hope you will like our new stuff!


The Governator