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  • 25.4.2014 at 19:00
    Apri Jazz Festival, The Northern Governors

    The Northern Governors

    April Jazz Areena pe 25.4. klo 19.00 alkaen, K18

    Liput toimituskuluineen alk. 33,50 €

    The Northern Governors (TNG) palaa keikkatauolta April Jazzeilla perjantaina 25.4. ja esittää ensimmäistä kertaa tulevan kakkosalbuminsa materiaalia. Yhtyeen debyyttialbumi ”This is The Northern Governors” ilmestyi vuonna 2012 legendaarisen Blue Note –levymerkin julkaisemana. Siitä lähtien TNG-fanit ovat odottaneet seuraavaa levyä kieli pitkällä.

    TNG on kuin suomalaisen jazz- ja soulmusiikin huipuista koottu tähdistökentällinen. Keskellä ryhmän kapteeni, trumpetisti ja säveltäjä Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori, laidoilla Jukka Heikkinen ja Petteri Sariola, pakkiparina Osmo Ikonen sekä Jyri Sariola. Voitonfanfaareita virittelevät Linda Fredriksson sekä Heikki Tuhkanen ja kannustuslauluja raikaavat upeassa enkelikuorossa Tuuli ja Heini Ikonen sekä Hilkka Louhivuori.

    Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori, trumpetti
    Jukka Heikkinen, koskettimet
    Petteri Sariola, kitara, laulu
    Osmo Ikonen, basso, laulu
    Jyri Sariola, rummut
    Linda Fredriksson, saksofonit
    Heikki Tuhkanen, pasuuna
    Tuuli Ikonen, laulu
    Heini Ikonen, laulu
    Hilkka Louhivuori, laulu

    April Jazz Areenalla pe 25.4. The Northern Governors klo 19, Snarky Puppy klo 21. Ovet avautuvat klo 18.00.

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The Northern Governors



TNG releasing a single from their coming album at the April Jazz Festival!



TNG is performing at the famous April Jazz Festival on 25th of april. We´re gonna release our first single that night so you are warmly welcome to join the party! Our second album is getting ready for the public which means that we´ll put some songs to our sound cloud page where you can here them. But first we need to finish which we´ve started almost 2 years ago. We are very excited and hope you will like our new stuff!


The Governator 

The Northern Governors live show from Pori Jazz 2012 on YouTube!



Finally our concert at Pori Jazz Kirjurinluoto Arena is locked and loaded for everyone to enjoy!
Video is HD-Dolby Digital Surround 5.1 with great sound by Jyri Sariola and beautiful editing by Ville Vainio!


TNG is making their second album!




After years of playing music from our first album we are finally happy to announce that our second album is on its way to serve your musical appetite! We had amazing 5-day sessions at the Mimix Studios. Mimix Studio has just moved to a new location improving its capasity in about everything! Better acoustics, mics, pre-amps, softwares etc.

We can´t wait to share some of the songs with you!

Keep in touch and remember at the right upper corner of our web page, ASK ANYTHING!

Yours truly,


The Governator