The Northern Governors is a brand new supergroup from Finland. Flicking through the band’s member-list is like reading the who’s who of Finnish jazz -and soul music. TNG is a musical bloodline, formed by cousins, who started playing together and soon realised that they shared the same vision and passion for music. 

The line-up consist of top musicians and artists including bandleader, composer and trumpetist J.K.L., Tuomo Prättälä (keys, vocals), Osmo Ikonen (bass,vocals) and Petteri Sariola (guitar, vocals). Petteri’s brother Jyri is on the drums with Linda Fredriksson on the alto-,tenor –and baritonesaxes and her boyfriend Heikki Tuhkanen on the trombone. 

J.K.L. and Tuomo are Osmo’s cousins with Petteri and Jyri being his second cousins. They are the grandsons of Marjatta Pokela, a famous composer of children’s music in Finland. The Northern Governors wouldn’t sound as good as they do without the background vocals from Osmo’s sisters Tuuli & Heini as well as J.K.L.’s sister Hilkka. The band’s first single ”Happy Souls” was released in June 2011 and the second single ”Set Me Free”, featuring rapper Redrama in October 2011. 

The debut album "This is The Northern Governors" was released in March 2012 on the legendary Blue Note-label.